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All the Preparation Your Skin and Hair Need this Holi


Playing it safe on Holi is a real concern especially when it comes to protecting your hair and skin safe. If you are excited about the festival but are also worried about the aftermath on your skin, then prepare it in a way that the color comes of easily while you still get to enjoy the day in its full fervor.

It is important to have a great first line of defense going through your Pre-Holi Preparation, to make the post Holi cleanse quite effortless. This shield not only helps your get rid of the colors but the added protection improves the long- term health of your skin.

The age old oil therapy, smart dress up and sticking to the no-synthetic rule are some key ways to shield your skin and hair from the harsh effects of Holi colours. Or ta.ke a quick look at the tips we share here to help you prepare for Holi:

1. First and foremost, minimize your skin’s direct contact with colors by applying a generous amount of oil on your skin and hair. This prevents toxic colors from settling on your scalp and makes cleansing much easier.

2. Keep your hair clean and avoid the mixing of pre-dirt with the Holi colors that make the hair rougher and more prone to breakage. So, it is important to wash and condition your hair before you get out.

3. It is good to keep your skin well moisturized. Also, add a layer of sunscreen before playing Holi as long exposure to sun is likely to result in unwanted tanning.

4. Opt for smart dressing and wear full-sleeved and full length clothes to ensure minimal exposure and maximum protection to your skin. Breezy cottons that don’t hold moisture make an ideal choice for a day when you are likely to get soaked in water almost all day long.

5. A bandana for your hair and sunglasses for your eyes will further add to the safety layer.

6. If possible use herbal, non-toxic colors.

7. Be very careful during the cleansing procedure and coarse colors may cause rashes, burns and redness when rubbed on to the skin.

8. Before using a soap, try and rub off the colors with a cleansing cream or lotion. While applying soap directly can leave your skin dry, milk based cleansers will soothe your skin while cleaning the colors at the same time.

9. Same process is to be followed with hair. Give it a good wash with plenty of water and then wash of the colors with a mild shampoo. You can use beer as the last rinse to soften and condition the hair.

10. Limit your exposure to sun for the next few days and give your skin some time to repair itself naturally.

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